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Meet Naomi Louise

Naomi Louise

Naomi is a published author, influential STEM leader, compassionate educator, and an innovator in the field of edtech for women in leadership roles. She is dedicated to incorporating STEM-related creativity into her many teacher training programs. She is eager to talk to k-12 kids and school administrators anywhere in the world about her experience with brain-based instructional methods that are bolstered by technological literacy best practices.

Her current professional offerings include coaching and mentoring young women to enter STEM-related careers, coding and robotics-themed activities, global engineering derbies, problem-solving student-centered design challenges, redesigning classroom learning spaces with the brain in mind, and maximizing creativity, communication, and collaboration with this new wave of AI in education.

Her 25 years in the educational learning space reflects a passion driven approach to leading and learning as a CUE STEM Educational Specialist, ISTE Faculty Instructional Coach, Google Certified Innovator, Woman in Leadership Coach and Mentor, CS for All Teacher Ambassador, Master LEGO Educator, Makey Makey Ambassador, Book Creator Ambassador and CEO and founder of her own Innovative Educator Consulting company.

Naomi's past leadership positions have include the following: k12 Strategic Education Manager for Wonder Workshop, K12 Education Strategist for Dell EMC, National Intel Senior Trainer, EdTech Director for 26 Wisconsin school districts, and 4/5th grade looping teacher/technology coach in Bangor, Wisconsin.

She has spoken at over 125 National/International conferences, and her most recent keynotes and featured speaker addresses include the locations: New York City - iDias Conference, *Canada Edtech Leadership Summit - Vancouver - British Columbia, *LEGO Education - Denmark, *FETC - Orlando, FL, *Future Ready Conference - Honolulu, Hawaii, *ISTE - Chicago, Il - *NAF NEXT Washington, D.C. and Detroit, *STEMWorks Honolulu, HI, *Tinker.Code.Make - Beaverton, OR, *CUE Palm Springs, CA, *WI SLATE, *SSLA Saskatoon, Canada - *AVEdTech Summit Palmdale, CA - *Practical Pedagogies in Toulouse, France - *NCTIES in North Carolina - and *SchoolNet South Africa in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Bloemfontein.

Deb Norton

Deb Norton is a former 5th grade classroom teacher and now works in the Oshkosh, WI Area School District where she is a Technology Integration Specialist.  She has earned her Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and is also a Google Certified Educator.


Checkout Deb's blog:

Velvet Holmes

Velvet Holmes is an Information Technology Literacy Teacher in the Oregon School District for the past 17 years! She is also a Google Certified Educator, a personalized learning coach, Certified Common Sense Educator, and has formed a dynamic "Code Like A Girl" school club.

Stacci Barganz

Stacci has been teaching for 20 years - first as a long-term substitute with Cognitively Disabled students, then as an English Professor at Petrozavodsk State University in Russia, and then as a 6-12 Spanish and Social Studies teacher in Wisconsin public schools. She currently serves as a K-12 Gifted and Talented Coordinator, Google Certified Educator and is a NBCE.

Kristin Sandgren

Kristin is a fifth grade teacher in Fall Creek, Wisconsin. She has been a teacher for 17 years and values how technology can enhance student learning. Her teaching experience includes incorporating SmartBoards, iPads, Chromebooks into her classroom as a Google Certified Educator.

Kristin Sandgren.jpeg

Vanessa Jones

Vanessa has been teaching for over 20 years. Her current position is an instructional technology design coach at Austin Independent School District and is also a Facilitator. 

Vanessa Jones.jpeg

Angie Kalthoff

Angie is a former Tech integration coach from St. Cloud, MN schools. She is currently a Product Manager, Curriculum and Instruction at Capstone. Angie is also a Facilitator a Alpha Squirrel Ambassador and Google Certified Innovator.

Valerie Verhunce

Valarie has been teaching for 20 years. Her current position is within the Hartford Area School districts as the Director of Technology. Val is also a Certified Google Educator and Facilitator. 

val verhunce 2.jpg

Helen Xiong

Helen has been teaching for over 15 years. her current position is the Director of Digital Expansion at Brookwood, Wisconsin schools. Helen also provides technology support for our own community with community classes and various other resources.

Helen Xiong.jpeg
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