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The Unique Individual You

In The Unique Individual You, women-in-leadership strategist
Naomi Harm presents compelling neuroscience research that documents how and why women’s brains are wired for empathy, intuition, and collaboration—the very qualities business managers and educational administrators are looking for in their leaders of today.

This inspiring, action-orientated book focuses on how to build a woman’s leadership confidence, cognitive presence, and sphere of influence. Stories of hope, optimism, mindfulness, and resilience drive the storyline, and they outline a creative visionary roadmap of effective women in leadership, “lean-in”strategies, and solutions to define and guide your career trajectory.

Publication Date December 1, 2021 

Leadership paperback $19.95 US

Leadership hardcover $24.95 US

Format: Paperback / Trim size: 6x9
Cover price: $24.99 / Page count: 172
ISBN: 978-1-952481-43-7

For more information, please contact:
Jennifer Bright, Founding CEO

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Discover The Unique Individual You

As a wonderful and delightful additional to the women in leadership book, I'm also launching a second book for K-6th grade children titled "Discover The Unique Individual You." It uses a rhyming picture book storyline to motivate children to discover their unique, personal learning interests via STEM experiments   and collaborative DIY activities with empathy in mind.


This book has been a genuine passion project of mine as it symbolizes the significance  of modeling, guiding, and investing in our future generations of leaders of girls and today's diverse learners of all abilities.


Madelyn Ann, my creative, curious and inspirational 7-year-old granddaughter is the main character ,that takes you through a unique DIY projects for children to produce their own glow-in-the-dark slime to help them discover their passion for STEM through hands-on science experiments. 

Kids paperback $12.95 US

Kids hardcover $19.95 US

Library of Congress TO COME

ISBN 978-1-952481-46-8

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Discover The Unique Individual You Resources

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