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Innovative Educator Consulting is a K-20 professional learning EdTech company. Naomi Louise, who is both the CEO and founder, and is an influential figure in the EdTech teaching and learning space. She is dedicated advocate for partnerships between universities, leadership organizations, and K-12 schools on a global scale.

Creative professional development solutions that are aligned with an organization's vision and strategic plans are what Naomi is renowned for creating and implementing. Together as collaborative leadership team with her master educators consultants, Innovative Educator Consulting designs engaging hands-professional learning experiences to empower K-20 educators, to develop and build their teaching and learning confidence with emerging technology tools and applications. 

Naomi's visionary mindset allows here to continue to develop and construct new professional learning programs that meet the ever-changing needs of today's technologically literate workforce. These tailored professional learning experiences are carefully crafted with great detail with utilizing the UDL (universal design for learning) framework, and ISTE standards as measurable learning outcomes, to support and meet the needs of today's diverse Generation Z and Alpha students.

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